In the Best Year Blueprint, we’re going to unpack your hidden desires, deepest fantasies, secret wishes, latent talents, gifts, and abilities, and integrate them into a plan for creating a year – and a life – that is so good you can barely stay in your body!


 For the 2018 program with the bonuses for the Workshop call with Derek and the coaching session with a Master Coach, you may refund this program up until 1/25/18.  Because there is a live Workshop call with Derek, the refund  ends on the 25th.

Exceptions to Refunds:

1.  If there is a balance owed on any previous program, refunds do not apply.
2.  If a chargeback has been made on any program, the refund policy is void and not applicable.
3.  If a refund has been made on a previous program or programs of 50% of more, the refund policy is not applicable.

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